Tradurre e ritradurre i classici / Translations and new translations of classics

Op woensdag 7 november 2018 organiseert de VUB een studiedag over het vertalen van klassieke literatuur. De studiedag vindt aan de IIC van Brussel (Instituto Italiano di Cultura, rue de Livourne 38) plaats.

Officiële presentatie (in het Engels):
Italy publishes new translations of foreign classics more often than any other European country. The fact that the Italian language seems to “expire” within a few decades shows its lexical mobility. This conference aims to focus on this specific phenomenon resorting really in the least to the theories of the translation studies: even though these critical tools are necessary for the translator’s cultural baggage, they cannot substitute his/her ear, which remains essential to capture the echo emanated from the original text.

The analysis of these new translations of foreign classics of modern and contemporary literature will focuses on the real practice of translation: some of the best translators of world-renowned classics will be invited to explain their linguistics choices in order to “rejuvenate” the Italian language and in order to know how to combine linguistics needs and publishing strategies.

A special “Dutch focus” will explore translations from Dutch into Italian and vice versa.

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