Conversation with Translator Aai Prins (KU Leuven)

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, the Center for Russian Studies (KU Leuven) welcomes Aai Prins, award-winning literary translator from Russian. She translated dozens of books, including classics such as Gogol, Chekhov, Bulgakov and Pasternak. In 2019 she won the Dutch Foundation for Literature Translation Award, not only for the high quality of her translations, but also for her commitment as a cultural ambassador. During the conversation with Aai Prins, moderator Pieter Boulogne, lecturer in Russian literature at KU Leuven, will discuss her vision of translation and mediatorial role as a translator, culture-specific elements and the evolving translation culture.

This event is organized in collaboration with the Master in Literary Translation (KU Leuven).

More information & registration on the website.

Translation Studies predoctoral research position

The Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication (Ghent University) has a vacancy for a fully-funded four-year position as a doctoral researcher on a project at the intersection of translation studies and Romantic/long-19th-century studies. Research will be conducted under the supervision of Prof. Brecht de Groote. For more information and details of the online application process please visit the e-recruitment page.

Symposium Hertmans in Translation

On October 21, 2021, the TRACE research group (Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication, Ghent University) and CLIV jointly organise the Hertmans in Translation symposium. The colloquium will focus on translations of poetry, prose and drama and will also address the role of translators as cultural mediators. The symposium takes place in the building of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature (KANTL) in Ghent.

Admission: 5 EUR. Registration: Humanities Academie ( bottom of the page).

Program: Hertmans in Translation

You can visit the event’s website for more information, and for questions or comments, please contact Brecht de Groote (

cfp Retranslation, thirty years later / La retraduction, trente ans après

With the publication of the Palimpsestes special issue “Retraduire in 1990, research into retranslation developed into a serious topic of academic study. Thirty years on, the journal Parallèles will publish a new special issue in 2023, guest edited by Kris Peeters (University of Antwerp) and Piet Van Poucke (Ghent University). For more information and the call for papers:

CFP_Retranslation_Parallèles_en   CFP_Retranslation_Parallèles_fr

Symposium Hertmans in Translation

In the autumn of 2021, the TRACE research group (Department of Translation, Interpreting and Communication, Ghent University) and CLIV jointly organise the Hertmans in Translation symposium. The colloquium will focus on translations of poetry, prose and drama and will also address the role of translators as cultural mediators.

For more information please see the announcement.