The Original in its Metamorphoses – L’original en ses métamorphoses

On Friday 22 April and Saturday 23 April 2022, The Original in its Metamorphoses will be hosted at Ghent University (De Krook), a colloquium on the history of translation in the long eighteenth century co-financed by CLIV:

The Original in its Metamorphoses Tracing the Translator in the Long Eighteenth Century (1660–1830)
L’original en ses métamorphoses Les traces du traducteur dans le long dix-huitième siècle (1660-1830)

The programma and practical details of the event can be found on the conference website

Organising committee: Brecht de Groote (UGent), Lieve Jooken (UGent), Sonja Lavaert (VUB) and Guy Rooryck (UGent)