Translation as Political Act

The University of Perugia announces its upcoming conference

La traduzione come atto politico
Translation as Political Act
La traduction comme acte politique

which will be hosted at Perugia from 9 to 11 May 2019 by the Department of Political Sciences, in collaboration with the Genealogies of Knowledge Project, University of Manchester (UK).

The conference seeks to address four areas of particular interest. The first area concerns the role of translation in the development and dissemination of political ideas; the second area considers how translation operates in the context of institutional politics; the third looks at how social movements and interest groups use translation to advance their agendas or political demands; finally, the fourth area concerns translation practices in the media, focusing on international politics.

CLIV-members Guy Rooryck and Lieve Jooken will deliver a keynote paper on “Le traducteur-médiateur: un dialogue franco-britannique au siècle des Lumières”.

Full programme
Conference website
Registration closes on 30 April 2019.

Organising committee:

Diana Bianchi (Università di Perugia, Italia)
Jan Buts (University of Manchester, UK)
Henry Jones (University of Manchester, UK)
Francesca Piselli (Università di Perugia, Italia)
Federico Zanettin (Università di Perugia, Italia)