Berenice Verhelst

Berenice Verhelst is lecturer for the Classical Languages and Ancient Studies programs at the University of Amsterdam. Her research focuses mainly on late antique poetry and the epics (Greek and Latin). Her interest in literary translation stems primarily from her own translation and teaching practice. In 2016, she published a poetic translation of Hero and Leander by the Greek poet Mousaios. Currently, she is also collaborating on the new English translation of the Dionysiaka by Mousaios’ great example Nonnos of Panopolis. From 2015 to 2021, she taught (with varying co-teachers) the course “Translation theory and practice: the classics” at Ghent University and regularly supervised Bachelor and Masters dissertations related to translation. In line with her teaching practice, she published, amongst other works, “‘Geleende pluimen’ : Grieks en Latijn in vertaling door de eeuwen heen.” (Tetradio 29 [2020], 121-146) and (with Stijn Praet) “Teaching Translation Theory and Practice.” (Journal of Classics Teaching 21 [2020] 31-35).