Inge Arteel

Inge Arteel wrote her PhD at the VUB on the prose works of the Austrian author Friederike Mayröcker in relation to the philosophy of Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze. Since November 2012 she is lecturer of German literature at the VUB. Her current research focuses on correspondences and confrontations in the European neo-avant-garde, the voice in experimental radio plays, and multilingualism and migration in contemporary theatre. She also wrote about the reception of Jelinek as a playwright in the Netherlands and Flanders. She translated German prose fragments for the literary journal yang (now nY), an anthology of short prose texts by Mayröcker and a few books by Jelinek (most recently Rijngoud, Querido 2014). Currently, Inge Arteel is chair of the research group CLIC at the VUB, co-chair of the AOG THALIA (with Katharina Pewny) and member of the AOG SEL.



foto I. Arteel