Anja van de Pol-Tegge

Anja van de Pol-Tegge obtained a Master of Arts in Translation from the VUB in 2017. In September 2021, she defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Belgian Literatures in German Translation – Multilingualism and Cultural Transfer (1945 to the Present)”. The study presents a complex research design of translation studies: it is dedicated to questions of translational reception, which illuminate the literary field of Belgium as a context of origin as well as that of the target context, the Federal Republic of Germany, as a basis and background for textual analyses, which in turn are socio-historically contextualized. In this way, the work links a literary-sociological situatedness with philological analyses and thus demonstrates how translation studies can make an important contribution to a transcultural discourse history. The multilingual approach taken here fills a research gap in reception research on Belgian literatures, especially due to the consideration of both of Belgium’s major linguistic communities.