Sabine Hillen

Sabine Hillen has a PhD in French modern literature. She works at the university of Brussels (VUB) where she teaches on French Studies and comparative literature. In 2021-22 she will take part in the workshop on Literary Translation (French and Dutch). She is the author of several essays on French modern and contemporary literature: “Le roman monologue. Montherlant, auteur, narrateur, acteur” (Minard, Archives des lettres modernes, 2001) and “Ecarts de la modernité. Le roman français de Sartre à Houellebecq” (Minard, Archives des lettres modernes, 2007). In 2009 she published at the Jan Van Eyckacademy, with the graphic design of Eva Moulaert and Marie Sledsens, a scenario called “The last book” and at the University of Antwerp a study on philosophy, social theory and visual media, “Kort en lang boekenplankleven” (Acco, 2008).