Arvi Sepp

Arvi Sepp wrote a PhD on Victor Klemperer’s Third Reich Diaries (Topographie des Alltags. Eine kulturwissenschaftliche Lektüre von Victor Klemperers Tagebüchern 1933-1945). For his research, he was awarded the Fritz Halbers Fellowship Award (Leo Baeck Institute) in 2005, the Tauber Institute Research Award (Brandeis University) in 2006, the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture Award in 2008, and the Prix de la Fondation Auschwitz 2009. He is currently Lecturer in German Literature at the University of Antwerp and Lecturer in German and Translation Studies at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. His research interests center on the translation of heteroglossia in migration literature and trauma in Holocaust literature. The relation between ideology and aesthetics in German literature equally counts among his most important research foci.


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