Anneleen Spiessens

Anneleen Spiessens is an assistant professor at Ghent University and is affiliated with the Department of Translation, Interpreting, and Communication. She is the author of Quand le bourreau prend la parole: témoignage et fiction (Droz 2016), which uncovers the complex configuration and circulation of (translated) testimonies delivered by perpetrators of mass political violence during the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide. The forthcoming Routledge Handbook of Translation and Memory, co-edited with Sharon Deane-Cox, sets out to chart the intersections between translation and memory as they operate together in the reconstruction, transmission and repurposing of the past. Her latest research project focuses on translation and the museum.

Anneleen’s research interests include:

– Translation and memory (personal memory, collective and cultural memory, travelling memory)
– Translation and testimony (secondary witnessing, memory transmission, trauma, perpetrator testimony)
– Translation in the museum (translation and space, translation policy, translation and figures of the Other)
– Translation and ideology (political translation, censorship, identity)
– Translation and/in conflict (specifically on the Shoah, Rwanda, Russia)
– News translation (translated journalistic discourse, circulation of global news)
– Ethics of translation and translator agency