Eva Ulrike Pirker

Eva Ulrike Pirker has joined VUB Brussels in 2023 as Research Professor
of English and Comparative Literature. She has previously taught at the
University of Düsseldorf (2017-2023) and the University of Freiburg
(2003-2016), where, after studying New English Literatures, American
Studies and Philosophy in Tübingen and San Diego, she obtained her
doctorate in English Philology. Her main areas of expertise are in the
field of Postcolonial Literatures and Cultures and her particular
interest is in the examination of transcultural processes in and through
literature and other art forms. These fields of inquiry are inevitably
characterised by translational processes. Eva Ulrike Pirker is also
interested in translation as a practice and the tensions arising from
artistic claims to autonomy on the one hand and the confrontation with
alterity on the other – a tension which manifests itself in diverse
aspects of translation processes. At HHU Düsseldorf she curated the
programme for the Centre for Translation Studies (2021-2023),
coordinated the MA Programme Literary Translation (2020-2021) and ran
the  “Übersetzungswerkstatt”, a project oriented seminar from which
several student publications have emerged.

Contact: Eva.Ulrike.Pirker@vub.be