Eline Denolf

Eline Denolf obtained her degree in Linguistics and Literature (English) at Ghent University in 2018. During her studies, she spent a semester abroad in Sweden and studied in Australia. After graduating, she did internships in the cultural sector of Brussels and at Documenta, the journal for Theatre Studies of Ghent University. To get trained in the practice of translation, she followed the course Literary Translation: English at the Vertalersvakschool in Antwerp. Drawing from her background as a dancer, she embarked in 2020 on an interdisciplinary PhD in Translation Studies and Performance Studies, under supervision of Désirée Schyns and Christel Stalpaert. Her research focuses on the translation of multilingual theatre in the Brussels context, with an emphasis on translator agency and translation process. She is also associated with the research group S:PAM at Ghent University.

Contact: Eline.Denolf@UGent.be